Fuel tank

The blow molding coextrusion process allows the production of multilayer plastic barrier fuel tanks.


Orevac® tie layer offers excellent adhesive properties to combined HDPE with EVOH, showing remarkable resistance to different types of fuels.

Recommended Orevac® grades:


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.

Coupling agent for PP compounds

Addition of fillers to PP can improve the mechanical strength and thermal properties (HDT, Vicat) but also reduce the impact strength and the tensile properties.


Orevac® grades show an appropriate range of properties such as high reactivity and low viscosity useful for chemical coupling in reinforced PP:

  • Glass filled PP compounds
  • Mineral filled PP compounds
  • PP filled with wood fibers / natural fibers
  • HFFR compounds PP based alloys
Recommended Orevac® grades:


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.

Thermoadhesives films

Orevac® provides:

  • Adhesion
  • Tackiness – Polarity
  • Low Melting Temperature
  • Flexibility
  • Compatibility


Cars with interior cloth fabrics are more stylish and comfortable.
Fabrics have to be supported by rigid structures both on doors and ceilings.


Using thermo-adhesive films is an easy and environmentally friendly way to bond fabrics to substrates such as composites or rigid foams.

Lotader® and Orevac®  offer a wide range of grades suitable for different structures and usage conditions.

Recommended Orevac® grades:
18211 18360 18365  18370 18732
Recommended Orevac® Terpolymers grades:
9304 9307Y 9318  9307


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.