Flexible packaging

Multilayer blown films and cast films are mainly used in packaging applications.

Blown film

Multilayer blown film are used in packaging applications such as modified atmosphere packaging, shrinkable films, barrier lidding films and vacuum bags.


Orevac® tie resins simplify your production process and improve end-product performances due to the improvement of blown film productivity.


Orevac® are either ready to use tie resin (18300, 18362) or concentrate (18341, OE825).

Recommended Orevac® grades with EVOH or PA:
18300 18362 18341 OE825


Application example: Barrier film for fumigation film.

Recommended Orevac® Terpolymers grades:  
9304 9318


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.

Cast film

Cast films exhibit generally better optical performances than blown films and can be produced at higher speeds.

Cast films mainly used in packaging applications such as lidding, modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum-sealed bags, or any other application where high transparency is an added value.

Orevac® tie layers simplify your production process & improve end-product performances due to high production speed, high optical properties and very good thermal stability.

Recommended Orevac® grades:
  18300 18729  18722


Recommended Orevac® Terpolymers grades:


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.

Extrusion coating and lamination

The outstanding ability to adhere to different substrates makes Orevac® adhesive resins the preferred tie-layers used in barrier structures made by extrusion coating or extrusion lamination processes.


Orevac® PE OE850 concentrate can be used for extrusion lamination of aluminum foils, EVOH, metallized films and primed plastic films. It can be diluted with LDPE at typical ratio of 20 to 30%.


Orevac® PP 18750/18751 are recommended tie-layers for retort application.

Orevac® PP 18750 tie layer is recommended for seal-peel retort application.

Orevac® PP 18751 tie layer has a favorable food regulatory status.


Recommended Orevac® grades:  
Orevac® PE OE850 Orevac® PP 18750 Orevac® PP 18751

 For additionnal choice of tie layers for extrusion coating, visit Lotader.com