PP based compounds

The addition of fillers to PP in order to improve mechanical strength (modulus), thermal properties like HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) and Vicat is very commonly used.


Maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene, such as Orevac® PP, are used in the formulation to improve the properties of the PP compounds.


Orevac® CA100/CA100N is an efficient coupling agent in filled or reinforced PP compounds to improve:

  • Filler / Matrix interfacial adhesion
  • Overall cohesion of the material
  • Tensile and impact properties of the compounds.


Orevac® 18341 is an efficient coupling agent in filled or reinforced PE compounds.

Wood and natural fiber composites

The Orevac®  CA100/CA100N  shows an appropriate range of properties, like high reactivity, low viscosity, useful as a coupling agent between PP and wood fibers.


Orevac® 18507 has been designed as coupling agent for natural fibers field high density polyethylene.


Main applications of wood polymer composites are decking for outdoor, planks, doors, profiles, windows and picture frames. 

PP glass fiber compounds

Orevac® CA100/CA100N has a high efficiency as a coupling agent of glass fiber / PP due to:

  • High MAH content giving a strong chemical adhesion
  • High fluidity inducing a good wettability of glass fibers
  • White colour

HFFR compounds

Cables used in buildings, automotive and power networks are required to be more and more Halogen Free Flame Resistant (HFFR).
Mechanical performances can be improved by introducing Orevac® / Lotader® as a coupling agent between the polyolefins and the fillers.


Orevac® 18341, 18302N and 18507 are efficient coupling agents in HFFR compounds.

Recommended Orevac® grades for cable compounds:
CA100/CA100N 18341 18302N  18507


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.