Pipe coating

External corrosion protection of steel pipes for natural gas, oil or water transportation.

With more 20 years presence in Pipe Coating market, we have developed many adhesives responding to the highest expectations of the application. With a long experience in grafted polymers, Orevac® new generation of adhesive has been developed by fine tuning maleic anhydride repartition on ethylene or propylene chain.


With the new generation of adhesive, we improve significantly adhesion between epoxy primer and top-coat, especially at higher temperature being able to go up to 100°C / 212°F.


Orevac® adhesive gives higher safety factor versus standard requirements.

Pipe coating line at R&D laboratory

Pipe coating line facilities at R&D center
  • Pipe steel coating with 3 layers: epoxy / adhesive / top coat


With PE coating Operating temperature 80°C Operating temperature 90°C
Recommanded grades Orevac® 18341 Orevac® 18342N / Orevac® 18410P
With PP coating Operating temperature 110°C Operating temperature 130°C
Recommanded grades Orevac® 18732 Orevac® 18760


  • Other applications:


  Sleeves Fittings / fields / accessories

Recommended grades


Orevac® 18725 Orevac® 18345RNP (black)
  Orevac® 9305
Orevac® 9307Y
Orevac® 18725 for PP


 Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties


Coating peel test

Adhesion up to 100°C/212°F, peeling with cohesive aspect at all temperatures with Orevac® 18342N.