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Thermoadhesives films

Orevac® thermo-adhesives films provides:

  • Adhesion
  • Tackiness – polarity
  • Low melting temperature
  • Flexibility
  • Compatibility

Cars with interior cloth fabrics are more stylish and comfortable.
Fabrics have to be supported by rigid structures both on doors and ceilings.


Using thermo-adhesive films is an easy and environmentally friendly way to bond fabrics to substrates such as composites or rigid foams.


Lotader® and Orevac® product range offers a wide range of grades suitable for different structures and usage conditions.

Recommended Lotader® grades:
Recommended Orevac® grades:
18211 18362 18732


Recommended Lotader® grades:


Recommended Orevac® Terpolymers grades:
9304 9307Y 9318


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.