Frequently asked questions

Please find below the introductory answers to frequently asked questions about Orverac® product line. Click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers relating to your selection. Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

What are the Orevac® grades that can be used as coupling agent?

Orevac® CA100 shows an appropriate range of properties such as high reactivity and low viscosity useful for chemical coupling agents in:

  • Fiber Glass reinforced PP compounds
  • Mineral filled PP compounds
  • PP filled with natural fillers
  • PP based alloys

Orevac® 18507 has been designed as a coupling agent for HDPE and mineral and/Or natural fillers. It is usually used at 2 to 5% loading.

How to select the proper Evasin EVOH grade?

Evasin grade should be selected based on the required barrier properties and the processing method to be used.
Low ethylene content Evasin EVOH (29% and 32%) offer better barrier properties at normal humidity.
High ethylene content Evasin (38% and 44%) are better processability and resistance to water moisture but lower barrier properties.

What are Evasin EVOH processing recommendations

Evasin EVOH product range enable our customer to use most processing technologies such as extrusion blown, extrusion cast, blow molding, etc. Recommended screws for Evasin EVOH have LD=24-30 and CR=3-3.5.

Screw temperatures should generally be 190-230°C. Melt temperature should not exceed 250°C.

What are the Orevac® grades recommended for HFFR compounds

 An effective method to improve the fire resistance of polyolefins and lower their heat of combustion is to fill them with high loading of mineral fillers (>50%). The following Orevac grades are recommended for improving the mechanical properties of HFFR:

  • Orevac 18302N with medium reactive
  • Orevac 18341 with high reactivity

Typical Orevac® resin contents are 2 to 6 weight %.

Lotader® 3210, a terpolymer with high maleic anhydride content, has shows to improve significantly the water resistance of HFFR compounds when combined with Orevac® 18341.

What are the benefits of Orevac® 18362 ?

Orevac®18362 is newest SK Functional Polymer tie layer for blown and cast barrier films. This new grade brings improved performance (bond strength), better clarity, more favorable regulatory status and better economics than existing Orevac®18360.

For more information, read the attached presentation "Orevac®18362".