Grafted Orevac® key points

Tie layer for barrier films and coupling agent for compounds

Chemical structure

Orevac® resins are polyolefins grafted as showed below:


Grafted with


Maleic Anhydride

  • Composition and rheology of each grade adapted for all kind of processing:

Cast films, blown films

Blow molded bottles, etc.

Tube coextrusion

Extrusion coating, sheet extrusion

  • Heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc.
  • Reactive with the hydroxyl and amino groups
  • Not corrosive
  • Not moisture sensitive



Maleic anhydride provides polarity and reactivity which gives high adhesion levels on various substrates such as: PA, EVOH, PET and aluminium.

Adhesives properties

The level of maleic anhydride has been ajusted in each grade of Orevac® in order to be used in the production of multilayers structures that combine the performances of polyolefin with an oxygen barrier material, like EVOH, a product that is highly prized in the packaging industry. They also develop adhesion to polar materials (metal, epoxy, etc.) and fillers.


The level of maleic anhydride in the Orevac coupling agents has been optimized to be used as coupling agents in PP and HFFR compounds. Orevac® CA100 is the grades used in PP compounds containing fillers such as talc, glass fibers, titanium dioxide,etc.

Rheology / Processability

Through the choice of the right polyolefin base, Orevac® melt index is well-suited to the implementation of multi-layer techniques:

  • Co-extrusion of sheets
  • Blown films and cast films
  • Blow molding of bottles and pipes coating