Arkema Introduces Orevac® IM resins, a new range of high impact performance modifiers for polyamide compounds

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Two new MAH-grafted grades, Orevac® IM300/IM300N resin and Orevac® IM800/IM800N resin, enable processors to customize and tailor key properties in polyamide compounds, including fluidity in processing, impact resistance, and mechanical strength. These new grades have been designed to complete Arkema’s range of impact modifers. In addition, these PA modifiers are produced in the USA to better serve the North American market.

Arkema Orevac® grafted polymers are a unique range of reactive polymers that
combine outstanding processability, as well as the required reactivity with
polyamides. Arkema’s range of polymer modifiers include reactive terpolymers and
grafted polymers that are widely used to improve the impact strength as well as the
melt flow of polyamide (PA) compounds. From general purpose toughness, to
intermediate and super toughness, Arkema impact modifiers allow PA6 and PA6.6 compounds to reach
required specifications.


Laurent Cartier
North Americas Business manager
Arkema Inc.