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New demo tool in our shop: discover the Altuglas® R Block LED system letter Mandarine – special sign market

- Short news
Altuglas international introduce the new demo tool: Altuglas® Block R led system letter mandarine.
Altuglas® block led system R mandarine

Aim : help the sign makers differentiate their offer on the market by introducing new blocks Led system coloured in your market!


Available in our Altuglas Online Shop, it’s a demo tool for signs. This material can be used for other applications, so let your imagination run free! This R letter allows visualizing lighted all the different scenari (straight lines, curves and diagonal lines at the same time).


It combines aestheticism and performance of the blocks associated with LED.


Price per letter : 50 euros


Technical information:


Color: orange

Size: 26 x 21 x 3 cm

Density: 1.19

Electrical: on plug (12v)








89, boulevard National- F92257 La Garenne Colombes - France