PMMA: Launch of the Altuglas® “Think Thick” line - the brand gets thick.

- Press release
Altuglas®, the number one brand in PMMA, is launching its new “Think Thick” line of Altuglas® blocks on the European market this month. This line of thick acrylic panes (called blocks in the profession) is being produced in a new European workshop in Saint-Avold, France, which opened its doors in early February. Altuglas® provides high-end PMMA blocks with a thickness of 30 mm to 110 mm and in hues ranging from transparent colourless – a reference in the field – to a line of “opals”, the latest trend on the market.

> Thickness: from sheets to blocks.

With this line, Altuglas® is expanding its offering of standard 3 mm to 25 mm PMMA sheets by adding a range of 30 mm to 110 mm blocks, which have just come off the production line this month. The blocks are available in stock in industrial formats of 2000 mm x 1200 mm and 3000 mm x 2000 mm.


> Inspiring creativity for our industrial customers.

“The imagination and creativity of our industrial customers are going to shape our block material that’s why we’ve called it ‘Think Thick’! It’s a way of giving a nod to the profession so that they think of our product for their projects where the thickness of the acrylic pane is important in terms of aesthetic and technical value,” says Didier Leblanc, Director of European Sheet Business for Altuglas®. “Our range is infinite, from interior architecture to industrial applications.”


Altuglas® blocks are distributed on the European market through a network of professional distributors and directly to large industrial accounts.



> A wide variety of applications:

> Professional architecture: totems, tables, display cases

> Interior design: lighting fixtures, tables, chairs, stairways, nightclub floors

> Signs

> Industrial parts for the automobile and other industries which need transparency in order to view the passage of fluids

> Jewellery


> To learn more about Altuglas International: > Altuglas International, a 100%-owned subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is the world leader in PMMA and manufactures 20% of the worldwide demand in the form of sheets, blocks and resins.         

> Its PMMA registered trademarks include: Plexiglas® on the American continent & Altuglas® in the rest of the world.

> To learn more, please visit www.altuglasint.com.


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