SK Functional Polymer presents its high performing OREVAC® 18300 grade specifically designed for high demanding multilayer barrier packaging

- Press release

Thanks to its optimized PE resin composition and to its high maleic anhydride content, OREVAC® 18300 resin shows outstanding adhesive performances.


With OREVAC® 18300, SK Functional Polymer offers its customers, a broad and diversified range of tie resin solutions that cover a large spectrum of applications in the flexible food-packaging domain. OREVAC®18300 is widely used in flexible lidding film with anti-fog properties. It prevents internal packaging cohesion loss related to anti-fog migration at the interface of tie resin and EVOH.


OREVAC® 18300 is also an effective tie resin to manufacture regular synthetic sausage casing based on both PA and PE and co-extruded on triple bubble blown line. OREVAC® 18300 is also the appropriate tie resin solution to produce shrinkable bags to pack meat and cheese.


Thanks to OREVAC®18300, SK Functional Polymer meets circular economy challenges. Due to its outstanding adhesive performances, it contributes to the thickness reduction of multilayer flexible packaging. With its fine-tuned MAH content, OREVAC®18300 fosters the development of mono-material based film. It allows a better compatibilisation of the EVOH material with PE resins over the recycling process.


OREVAC® 18300 is extrudable on triple bubble line. It is also easily convertible through other conventional extrusion processes like blown and cast co-extrusion.



(190°C-2.16kg, g/10 min)

Vicat T (10N)*


Melting T








* on compression molded sample