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Product range
Logo of our product range CertinAdvance®

The most advanced glass container protection CertinAdvance® is designed to improve your coating quality and your production efficiency. It is based on 3 foundations :


Certin® Clear 
Certin® Liner 
Certin® Precise



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Certin® Clear: Be Certin®, Be clear!

Certin® Clear offers a new hood in combination with Certincoat® TC 100 for more homogenous coating. This new hood is designed to produce:

  •  Less emissions

  •  Less deposists in the hood

  •  Less and easier cleaning

  •  Less maintenance needed

  •  Easy adjustement after job change

Certin® Liner : Be Certin®, be lined up scratch free!

Certin® Liner allows the transfer of hot-end coated glass containers without friction or contact between containers into a single line. 


  • Pass containers from cooling oven without contact in single line
  • Grab bottles even when not in one straight line
  • Can be used on existing lines
  • Is adapted to different bottle speeds

Certin® Precise : Be Certin®, Be precise!

An application device designed to maximize your final coating result with a new product, Certin® Topcoat 201. These new innovations offer:


  •  Better application conditions and control

  •  Coated where needed on bottle to bottle contact area

  •  No foaming / inside coating

  •  Lower issue with label adhesion

  •  Easy to install

Geographic availability



  • Consumer goods
    • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Food industry and agrochemicals
    • Beer manufacturers
  • General industry
    • Recycled product manufacturers
  • Packaging and Paper
    • Glass coatings
    • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
    • Glass coatings


  • Finish for beer bottles
  • Finish for recycled products
  • Glass bottles / Glassware
  • Recycled glass products