DMDS, your reliable sulfiding and anti-coking solution

Product range

Dimethyl Disulfide, DMDS Evolution® E2 is the most efficient and safe sulfur provider for Hydrotreatment catalyst activation and steamcrackers cocking prevention.

Our experienced technical support team is available to share its knowledge on DMDS Evolution® E2 and our Research and development team in Groupement de recherche de Lacq keeps developing programs to ease and improve its use and performances.  

Arkema’s world class production sites and global logistic network enable a local, easy and reliable sourcing; and our Carelflex® teams are available locally to preform you catalyst sulfiding 

Our operations meet the highest certification for a consistent product quality and a service that meets our customers stringent standards. 

Your value-added partnership with Arkema, the worldwide DMDS supplier

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  • Our 40 years of experience producing high purity DMDS and multiple production sites together with distribution and bulk storage facilities located close to our customers ensure a fast and reliable supply to the major refining and petrochemical complex worlwide. 


  • With decades of experience handling sulfur chemicals, our sales & technical network will provide you expert recommendations and will train your teams and provide you customized solutions for DMDS Evolution® E2 sourcing, storing, handling and injection. 


  • A large fleet of returnable packaging semi-bulk containers (SBC] or iso--container is available for a safe transport and injection on our customer's site. Our Carelflex® teams will sulfide your hydrotreatment catalyst on time with the most reliable and efficient injection and monitoring equipment to resume production as planned. 



DMDS Evolution® E2 is the most effective sulfiding agent to be used for insitu hydroprocessing catalyst activation during start-up of the refinery.



DMDS Evolution® E2 is the most effective sulfiding agent to be used for insitu hydroprocessing catalyst activation during slartup of the refinery.


DMDS Evolution® E2 is the leading sulfur-based, anti-coking and metallurgy protection technology being used globally in Propane and IsoButane Dehydrogenation units (PDH and BDH).


DMDS Evolution® E2 is used to sulfide the heterogeneous catalysts used in the production of renewable diesel.

Global logistic

An extended logistic network and flexible logistic:

A unique global logistics pattern with a wide network of bulk storage tanks and warehouses close to the refineries and steamcrakers worldwide providing our customers with the shortest lead-time and safety of supply throughout the year. 

Our supply chain teams are local and meet our customer specific demand. More specifically, when our customers require DMDS injection during their turnarounds, our organization is flexible enough to reschedule to the last moment the product delivery and our Carelflex® teams mobilization and adjust it to the turnaround planning.

A comprehensive packaging range:

A full range of customized packaging portfolio including a full fleet of isotanks and tank trucks, as well as customized pressurized returnable tanks. These packaging are all designed to be handled and to operate the injection in safe conditions.

Two production platforms on two continents:

Our production platforms in Asia and in Europe enable Arkema to maintain a steady DMDS availability through the year to all continents. Arkema increased its DMDS production capacities along with the growth of the demand to ensure a sustainable supply.

Trained & experienced local teams:

Our Carelflex® teams are located close to our customers on all continents. Arkema meets MASE (lien vers site MASE) and VCA (lien vers site VCA) certification to operate in European refineries and in general all the safety and security training required by our customers all over the world. Our technicians and specialists with many years of experience, are provided with an extensive coaching program. 

High quality

Arkema is the only company to manufacture DMDS Evolution® E2, the standard sulfur derivative used by refineries, steamcrackers, propane & butane dehydrogenation plants and renewable diesel & Jet fuel manufacturers. It is critical for the process performance of these industries to have a secured and global access to a high and constant product quality. This contributes to quick and reliable unit startup as well as immediate on-specification production, which are the fundamentals of the refining and petrochemical industry performances and profitability.  


Thanks to a deep integrated and a proprietary process that provides the highest yields, Arkema’s DMDS Evolution® E2 production process is also one of the most energy efficient within Arkema and supports the company’s commitment to meet its greenhouse gas emission and energy reduction goals.

H2S is the heart of Arkema’s sulfur chemistry. It can be produced from sulfur or extracted from sour natural gas field. This participates to the full integration of Arkema’s DMDS manufacturing process. It is the starting point of Arkema’s engagement to offer a reliable DMDS evolution® E2 supply chain. 


Consistent with Arkema's Social Commitment Charter, we offer products driven by a responsible management of our activities and social impact, contributing to the transition of a more sustainable industry and reducing our carbon footprint.

SDG 3 - Good health and well-being

As the world’s leading producer of thiochemicals, Arkema’s manufacturing expertise assures the highest and the most stable purity DMDS. Our DMDS Evolution® E2 is a breakthrough formulation for a better smelling DMDS sulfiding agent. It outperforms in odor control, providing a more pleasant fragrance, and improving the user working condition. 

SDG 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Hydrocarbons exposed to elevated temperatures form coke, which can cause metal carburization and affect heat transfer and flow dynamics. In less than 15 minutes, enough coke is formed to require PDH and BDH unit shutdown and immediate cleaning and decoking. DMDS Evolution® E2 is the leading sulfur-based, coke suppression and metallurgy protection technology. 

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

By delaying coke formation in the steamcrackers furnace coils, DMDS contributes to extand the furnace running cycles and optimize the production capacities and yields with a responsible energy consumption. DMDS is also the sulfiding agent that provides the highest activity to your hydrotreatment catalysts, enabling to reduces the catalyst consumption and to run at lower temperature for the same performances.

Geographic availability



  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energy


  • Hydrocracking catalyst activation
  • Hydrodesulfurisation catalyst activation
  • Hydrotreatment catalyst activation
  • Propane Dehydration
  • Steam cracking