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EVASIN® EVOH Technical Data Sheets

High performance barrier material for multilayer barrier films.

Download EVASIN® EVOH technical data sheets

The data displayed in the tables below are typical values but should not be considered as commercial specifications.


 Technical data sheet

Ethylene content


Melt Index


Melting point (°C) O2 Transmission Rate
    (%mol) 190°C, 2.16kg 210°C, 2.16kg  

(65%RH, 20°C)

EV2951F 29 - 2.5 188 0.30 Bottles, pipes  
EV3201F 32 1.7 - 183 0.30    
EV3251F 32  1.7 4.0 183 0.30  Bottles, sheets, films  
EV3251FT 32 1.9 4.3 183 0.50 Sheets, thermoforming  

38 1.8 3.9 173 0.70 Sheets, thermoforming, films  
EV4405F 44 5.5 12.0 165 1.80  Sheets, thermoforming, shrinks, films  
EV4451F 44 1.8 - 165 1.80  Sheets, thermoforming, shrinks, films  

 F : Lubricated          V : Non lubricated          T : Thermoforming

Evasin is a trade name registered by Chan Chung Petrochemicals Co.Ltd. Chang Chun Petrochemicals Co.Ltd is one of the largest Taiwanese chemicals manufacturer with a strong activity in intermediates, epoxys, aromatics, and particularly Vinyl Acetate (VAM), Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), and Ethylene - Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) copolymers.